began her art career when she could hold a crayon.
Next came “paint by number kits” where she quickly learned that
it was not necessary to stay within the lines. The private art lessons led to graduating with a BS in Design & Graphic Arts from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  After a short internship she was hired full time at Marsteller Inc. Ad Agency bringing her to Los Angeles.
       Kathleen has been enjoying the freelance lifestyle since 1985
designing corporate logos, illustrating children books,  storyboards, and various toy companies doing toy design B-sheets.
       The real fun began when they launched the Bratz TV campaign
in 2001,  bringing the Bratz Dolls to be the #1 Fashion Dolls.
Kathleen met Barbie in 2005 and worked with TV4TOYS on various Mattel toys for the last 9 years.
       “OUT is in USA Inc.” a  Gay/Straight  Alliance retail company
is Kathleen’s new passion.  After designing the logo she launched
the company with a business partner and the help of good friends to spread the message against homophobia. You can see her witty advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.
      With a bevy of fashion doll, girl tween, retail and social media
experience under her belt, she looks forward to any chance  to